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Date Event Time
Thurs 9th Jan Singing with John 11am
Tues 21st Jan Bingo with Nigel and David 1.45pm
Thurs 13th Feb Sundown Ukulele Band 1.45pm
Tues 18th Feb Margaret Watson – Harpist and Tea 1.45pm
Thurs 20th Feb Skittles with Nick 1.45pm
Tues 3rd March  Bingo with Nigel & David 1.45pm
Wed 11th March Greyhound Racing 12.30pm
Thurs 19th March Holmbush Shopping 1.45pm
Thurs 9th April Easter Tea with ‘Lets have a party productions’ 1.45pm

Regular events

Day Event   Time
Tues & Thurs Chair Based Exercises   11am
Monday  Tai Chi – Intermediates    2.00pm
Monday  Tai Chi – Beginners    3.00pm
Monday Mah Jong    1.30pm
Tuesday  Hearing Aids Maintenance – 1st Tuesday of every month    9.30am 
Wednesday  Art Group   9.30am
Wednesday  Knit and Natter    9.30am 
Thursday Quiz     10.45am
Thursday Scrabble 1st and 3rd Thursday Afternoons   1.45pm 
Friday  Canasta    1.00pm